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Monday, December 6, 2010

My GrAdUaTiOn DaY

Actually sudah lama nak masukkan gambar masa Ifan had my graduation day. Tapi Ibu cakap, Ibu busy. So, Ibu masukkan all the photos today. AL IKHLAS Pre Tahfiz Pre School had its 9th graduation day on Sunday, November 14, 2010. Ibu and Abah Ifan went to the event. Nenek too. Tok Yayi too. And Tok Ngah too...
Once reached the hall, teacher put on the costume on Ifan. Ifan banyak participated in the concert.
The teacher prepared all the student to get ready for the concert.
Ifan know how to play Melodian. Ifan played 'London Bridge'.
Ifan performed in Malay dancing.
Ifan sang 'Tobat Maksiat'.. Everyone loved this song. Ifan also sang the Mandarin Song.

Sebenarnyakan.. Ifan got the second place in class.. Ibu pun tak tau.. So, Ifan naik lagi ke atas pentas to get the trophy. Ifan MESTI belajar bersungguh - sungguh lagi bila Ifan naik Tahun SATU nanti. INSYALLAH.
See.. my name was in it.
With my principal
Ibu got rose. Me and principal.
With Tok Yayi and Nenek.
The event ended at almost 2.00PM.

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